Happy Children, Happy Parents

“My daughter and I absolutely loved The Plaid Giraffe!! There are several favorite things I have about the school from my daughter’s time there; my top two favorites would be the attention and love the teachers give and the keepsakes to keep the parents involved. The Lord led us to the best preschool that really has prepared my child for kindergarten and given her a heart for Jesus. If only there was a Plaid Giraffe elementary! Our time with the wonderful teachers will be in our memories forever and my child is a Plaid Giraffe Kid for life!” Brooke P.

“My daughter LOVES The Plaid Giraffe!!! I was so nervous sending her to school, however, she walks right in with so much confidence and never cries when I leave! It’s so great to know your child is well taken care and LOVES going to school! Thank you for making her first school experience a great one! We are proud to be part of The Plaid Giraffe family!” Cassi W.S.

“The Plaid Giraffe is an amazing preschool and the only place I would send my child. Ms. Carrie and her staff love the children like their own and go above and beyond with special activities for students and families. They make the first few years of school,which are the most important a magical experience. I want my son to love learning and form a real relationship with God and I know he is getting both of these things at the Plaid Giraffe. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for my little boy!” Jennie S.

“As a parent, finding the perfect school for your children is a very stressful decision. It dictates where you buy a house, invest in the community and sometimes you even rearrange your job to create that perfect environment for them to flourish. You pray that your child is loved by their teachers, that they find friends, and that they develop a lifetime love for learning.
A preschool is just as important. They say your child’s personality is shaping/developing and cementing firm by the age of 7. I don’t know if that’s true, but it feels true. Lainey was only in pre-k when we moved to Missouri. From the first moment, I knew The Plaid Giraffe Preschool was a perfect fit.” Reesie E.

“I want to share something that really confirms for the last 3 years and the next 2 years choosing the Plaid Giraffe Preschool was absolutely the best choice we made. My husband called Ms. Carrie yesterday and presented a challege we were facing with our daughter. In response Ms. Carrie immediately offers her help and in such a manner you will NEVER receive at any other preschool. Anyone that knows Ms. Carrie knows she is always there and willing to go over and beyond, from a band-aid to hug or a simple word of encouragement to our children. I could add many different ways Ms. Carrie and her staff have went over and beyond for not just my children but others. It is truly a peace of mind knowing what an amazing preschool this is.
Thank you Ms. Carrie and staff for loving all our children and treating them all so special.” Elaina J.

“The Plaid Giraffe is the best! I cannot begin to say how pleased we are with the progress that our son is making. He is learning much more than I expected in his first year. He comes home every day to show me what he learned that day and he really surprises me when he recites a new song, bible verse, or just a story about something new he learned. I was a bit reluctant to let him go to preschool because I don’t trust many people with my children but after 75% of the first year I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is safe & well cared for. I look forward to him graduating from the Plaid Giraffe in a few years & I know because of the excellent teachers that have worked with him during his time there that he will be ready for kindergarten.” Shawn T.

“The Plaid Giraffe is the first place my son didn’t cry at drop or complain of missing me while I was gone. Instead, he would count down the days until the next day of school. They also did a wonderful job preparing him for Kindergarten.” Karissa A.

“My husband and I may love TPG more than our daughter! She wakes up every Tuesday & Thursday so excited to go to school & always has such a fun time!” Tyler L.

“It is obvious that the owner is passionate about what she does here at this school. So glad we found the Plaid Giraffe.” Emily K.

“Our oldest graduated from The Plaid Giraffe and can’t wait for our youngest to get started!! We just love Mrs. Carrie!!” Mariah P.